Absolutely! We do not use any animal-derived materials at any stage of our olive oil production. Enjoy Cultura olive oil without any hesitation.
Make sure you keep Cultura olive oil at room temperature and away from any heat source. Sunlight and oxygen degrade its quality, so watch out for direct sunlight (that’s why we use a dark-coloured bottle) and remember to close the cap immediately after use. Upon opening, its taste and aroma can last up to 30-60 days.
As a premium extra virgin olive oil with a high percentage of polyphenols, it’s best to consume it raw, or use it at low temperatures when cooked so you don’t lose its taste, aromas, and healthy nutrients. And remember: by eating 2 tablespoons of Cultura olive oil daily, you can enjoy its health benefits to the maximum!
Olive oil is a delicious natural juice, rich in health-protective and damage-preventive antioxidants. Let’s name a few: It contains significant amounts of Vitamin K and vitamin E, which protect us against diabetes, insulin resistance, skin problems, and neurological conditions, among others. Its monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) –the good dietary fats– support us against heart disease. On top of that, polyphenols in olive oil are anti-inflammatory and improve our blood vessels’ function. The list could go on!
Polyphenols are chemical compounds plants make to protect themselves –from environmental conditions to pathogens, pests, and other types of assaults. In our olive oil the phenolic compounds are abundant and serve as powerful natural antioxidants. This is why Cultura olive oil is considered a Superfood as well!

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the highest quality olive oil in terms of grading. If an olive oil meets specific standards –in its chemical composition and taste–then is classified as ‘extra virgin’.

Good olive oil has a fruity smell, vivid taste, and it may come with a peppery or pungent sensation. These are indicators your olive oil is fresh. If you find that it smells more like stale nuts, feels greasy in your mouth, or leaves a flat taste, then your olive oil has gone rancid (or wasn’t a high-quality olive oil in the first place).

Bitterness is a desired characteristic of all quality EVOO. Depending on one’s liking, or experience in tasting olive oils, Cultura may feel like having a strong bitterness. Have in mind that this bitter sensation at the back of your tongue is a clear pointer of a high-phenolic olive oil. Our EVOO has a high percentage of polyphenols, a.k.a. strong natural antioxidants. As a result, it is healthier and more resilient to degradation (oxidation). It’s like feeding two birds with one scone!
Yes, by all means! We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. And if there’s anything we’re not sure about, we’ll point you to the right source.